35min documentary film –TRAILER

Documentary film about a group of radical anarcho-capitalists that decide to declare their own micro-nation in the Balkans.  as a part of a wacky tax evasion plan.

The film follows the self-proclaimed president of Liberland as he tries to convince the European politicians to join his cause and outsmart the Croatian border guards. Meetings on boards of private planes and police arrests on the ground ensue in a wacky adventure.

Directed by Petr Salaba and Filip Rojík


Intimate portrayal of obsolete photography process.

5 min short film 

Before the invention of celluloid film, early photographs were captured on glass plates covered in light-sensitive liquid.

An average exposure time of one photo could be in tens of seconds which requires a very still posture of the model.


Cinematography: Nelson Talbot

Directed by Petr Salaba




Series of 6 short documentaries commissioned by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture to promote alternative ways of animal and vegetable farming.

Organic farming often brings smaller yields than conventional methods but it might be a promising mid-step towards more thoughtful and humane form of agriculture in the near future. 

Cinematography and production: Petr Salaba